Paper Engineering: Bringing Dimension and Movement to Paper

By Patty Jurado

Paper engineering deals with the marriage of physical and life sciences in conjunction with mathematics as applied to the converting of raw materials into useful paper.

Converting a flat sheet of paper into a useful paper product or package is a challenge that I relish. From comps, point-of-purchase displays, direct mail, trade show items and promotional materials, it offers the opportunity to become an inventor. Rough working prototypes are created with each new construction going through many stages of refinement to improve the range of motion, smoothness and reliability.

I welcome the challenge of engineering something unique out of paper for our clients.

For example, Atlantic Air Ambulance was interested in a promotional item that would be fun, memorable and unique to their line of work. They were interested in printing a customized calendar. Newark Trade’s solution: we created a beautiful calendar incorporating a flip book with a perforated, paper helicopter to be detached and assembled into a three dimensional, free standing helicopter. This paper helicopter was engineered to represent Air One as part of the calendar. The paper helicopters were easy to punch out and assemble, and proudly displayed. Throughout the year, Air One visits local high schools on Career Day, and they use the helicopter models as leave-behinds.

We have been challenged to create a variety of products ranging from multiple paper business card boxes for 2.35” square cards to oversized perfume sample holders for trade show use.

The opportunities are endless with challenges we thrive on.