Marketing Tips & Trends

The marketing landscape is changing vastly especially in the era of platform diversity, social media, and audience analytics. Modern culture changes quickly and brand must adapt in order to remain relevant, especially as audiences become savvier and more skeptical of advertising. At Newark Trade, we see the trends first-hand as our clients work to reinvigorate their approach to reaching and engaging audiences. Here is a list of trends we see at the forefront of these changes.

Interactive Content

We’re seeing movement from traditional blogs and white papers to interactive web experiences that display thought leadership in compelling, animated, and visually creative ways.

Experiential & Event Marketing

Events and meetings are seeing a big resurgence and are often a critical component that feeds top line revenue. With so many options for creatively promoting events and access to new technologies to logistically create venues for memorable meeting moments, the meeting events space has never been this exciting and important in building brands.

Educating Customers

Customers are creating their own paths to guide how decisions are made, but at the same time are being inundated with vast amounts of data. Instead of making it easier for customers, we find it often widens the decision gap. We must strive to be better educators when it comes to delivering information in creative ways that deliver knowledge rather than data.

Better, Faster, Stronger

There are clear signs about information consumption in our time… the world is marching towards smaller, shorter, disposable ideas. Fueled by new technologies, vast quantities of data, along with generational preferences, it’s a wake-up call for marketers to understand how to keep up with this trend of fleeting information while still delivering long term value. At Newark Trade, we continue to see real value in big ideas and the creative platforms that help build brand equity.

Best if Used By

Good marketing actually doesn’t seem like marketing at all. We also know that marketing tactics change over time and you often don’t know whether it has past its expiration date. For example, last year’s de-personalized e-mail drip campaign has been replaced by targeted campaigns that provide relevant content based on demographics and buying behavior across social, digital, and properly placed print platforms.


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