Print Works!

Print is part of a larger content marketing strategy

Having a diverse content strategy allows audiences to view and retain information in the mediums they trust the most. Print can work in unison with other digital platforms to create multi-channel marketing campaigns that achieve optimum results.

In fact, the higher level of trust and tangibility audiences experience with information provided in print helps strengthen other marketing platforms like mobile, social, and email. Utilize each channel’s strength to drive audience engagement and gain customer loyalty. Match each channel by the role they play to their place in the sales funnel with a full court tactical plan.

Target your audience with print and digital cross-pollination, such as:

  • Variable Data
  • Augmented Reality and QR Codes
  • Social Media
  • Email

Why Print Still Matters

For many of our clients, print continues to fulfill a critical role by providing additional touch points with customers. Make no mistake; we live in a digital world that’s fueled by customer engagement across multiple channels. Combining print advertising with digital is far more effective than digital campaigns alone. Businesses gain higher awareness when they present messages through a combination of print and online media. Consistent messaging across multiple marketing channels and platforms means greater presence and brand equity.

But there are more practical reasons that print is at the top of the marketing funnel. Consumers gain a closer connection with print marketing because they must engage with it on a physical level. With print marketing you can create more personal brand experiences. You can design exactly what captures your audience’s attention with color, photos, die cuts, folds, textures and other tactile features that get consumers to interact with your brand.

Adding print to your digital marketing campaign can help revitalize your program and increase its efficacy.

Our Print Services Include:

On-Demand Services

  • Print what you need, when you need it!
  • Keep information current by cost-effectively printing smaller quantities.
  • Avoid costs and space needs of warehousing larger print runs.
  • Brochures, cards, sell sheets, pocket folders, and more…

Large Format

Retail, advertising, commercial and industrial displays, posters and banners, indoor and outdoor signage, trade show and conference displays… we print on a large selection of materials, and finish with a variety of framing and hardware options.

Variable Data

Personalize and target your companies next mailing. Information from your customer data and analytics will have a greater impact on your next campaign.

Direct Mail

High-impact direct mail pieces get noticed, trigger engagement and deliver results. See better ROI for your acquisition, retention, and loyalty programs.

Augmented Reality and QR Codes

  • Augmented Reality Through visual recognition and tracking of printed pages using images, you can to link to videos, websites and more, creating higher interactivity and engagement levels. Newark Trade provides creative support in the development of digital content using graphic design, video, web development, copyediting, proofreading and printing.

  • QR Codes These two-dimensional “bar codes” can transmit several types of information, delivering an integrated marketing experience for your targeted audience, measure the effectiveness of various media, integrate offline and online campaign components and improve the perception of your company and brand as a progressive marketer. We can also help you track and measure the responses you get.


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