Print Drives America

Print media and its many segments are larger than broadcast, the internet and all other media combined. Labels and packaging that prompt millions to make daily decisions and purchases have reached one trillion dollars in value!

Direct mail’s resurgence has become viral; printed books are climbing and downloads are well … down.

Print is colossal and yes it’s even growing!

Generation Z, millennials, boomers and all ages really like the enhanced experience of using printed products. Frankly, they think that printed books, calendars, catalogs and dozens more printed products are cool.

And they prefer direct mail and advertising inserts over the interruption of digital advertising.

Digital fatigue is upon us!

More and more printing is high tech today. 25 years of digital printing has enabled the resurgence of direct mail. The use of variable data printing provides the ultimate targeting that marketers want.

Surprisingly, some printers have even more programmers than press operators.

Print is recyclable and renewable. The use of energy in print is the brief touch of ink to paper versus online where 24/7 energy is used to transmit data among millions of devices which quickly become permanent landfill.

BTW … no need to save a tree. There are more trees in North America today than ten years ago. Think broccoli; trees grown specifically for paper are harvested and replanted just like vegetables.

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