Maximizing Meetings & Conferences

When it comes to planning meetings and conferences, we’re on top of our lists. Planning and preparation are at the core of delivering experiences that create an inviting atmosphere for audience engagement. Here is our list of recommendations to help maximize ROI as you put together your meeting or conference:

Quality Content

The gift of being present is a huge advantage in face-to-face marketing, but it’s not enough to just have people there. You need to have crisp, buttoned-up content packaged in a way that will be important and easy to recall. Audiences are more informed and skeptical than ever and having relevant and statistically sound content sets the foundation for your message.

Immersive Technology

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and drones are changing the way information from events is gathered and analyzed. Leveraging machine-learning algorithms, planners could better estimate how many attendees will convene, or anticipate how many supplies or products each attendee will need. That means marketers will have more — and more accurate — data on event trends than ever before.

Social Media and Influencer Marketing

Find out more about your audience by learning where they spend their time online: through surveys, interviews, and your own observations. Instagram is a great fit for events — especially photogenic ones. Snapchat is the trendiest option for your social media event marketing. With two billion active monthly users, Facebook is still far and away the most popular social network across ages, genders, and income levels, but the News Feed is a crowded place to make your event stand out. With 330 million monthly active users, Twitter is the perfect fit to reach a younger, tech-savvy crowd. LinkedIn is unique among the top social networks as a professional networking platform—the site is most popular with educated, slightly older users with a higher income level.


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