Quick: Hummingbirds! What do they bring to mind? Speedy. Colorful. Hungry.

That’s why Newark Trade picked the hummingbird as our mascot!

We are speedy when it comes to our work.
Digital print is speedy and better for the environment than traditional, offset print.

Our printing is most definitely colorful!
Brilliant colors, full of photo quality details.

And we are hungry!
Humming while we look for our next project, your work is our nectar!

We wanted to remind you that we enjoy a symbiotic relationship, working together with our clients for our mutual benefit.

Did you know . . .

  • A hummingbird weighs the equivalent of two paperclips (.2 oz.)
  • Almost supersonic, they beat their wings about 55 times per second!
  • Which brings us to 6,000, the minimum number of calories a hummingbird burns in a day! Some even burn 12,000 calories in a day! Wow!
  • They get great mileage. They can fly 600 to 1,200 miles non-stop, taking 18 to 24 hours to accomplish that. I get tired just thinking about it!
  • A hummingbird’s heartbeat is one of nature’s fastest; the elephant’s is the slowest.

Sources: Cornell Dept. of Natural Resources; allabout birds.org; journeynorth.org.

—Robin Kantor