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At 85-years-young, Newark Trade won nine of the industry-coveted Jersey Awards for creative excellence in advertising and design on Wednesday, September 20th at The Grove in Cedar Grove. This year was the 55th Ceremony featuring 238 winners from over 350 entries in seven categories, from print thru digital, radio, television, and out-of-home. To keep everything totally impartial, the judging was held virtually, with judges coming from many states, except New Jersey.

Frosted Decals

Frosted decals are one of the many services available here at Newark Trade. Capture the look of etched glass highlighting your logo or any customized design of your choice. If needed, we will remove the old decal and install the new!
Please call or email us for details on how we can enhance the look of your office space.
973-674-3727 or ContactUs@newarktrade.com. We offer clarity, transparency and safety!

Quick: Hummingbirds! What do they bring to mind? Speedy. Colorful. Hungry.

That’s why Newark Trade picked the hummingbird as our mascot!

We are speedy when it comes to our work.
Digital print is speedy and better for the environment than traditional, offset print.

Our printing is most definitely colorful!
Brilliant colors, full of photo quality details.

And we are hungry!
Humming while we look for our next project, your work is our nectar!

We wanted to remind you that we enjoy a symbiotic relationship, working together with our clients for our mutual benefit.

Did you know . . .

  • A hummingbird weighs the equivalent of two paperclips (.2 oz.)
  • Almost supersonic, they beat their wings about 55 times per second!
  • Which brings us to 6,000, the minimum number of calories a hummingbird burns in a day! Some even burn 12,000 calories in a day! Wow!
  • They get great mileage. They can fly 600 to 1,200 miles non-stop, taking 18 to 24 hours to accomplish that. I get tired just thinking about it!
  • A hummingbird’s heartbeat is one of nature’s fastest; the elephant’s is the slowest.

Sources: Cornell Dept. of Natural Resources; allabout birds.org; journeynorth.org.

—Robin Kantor

7 Digital Marketing Trends


With 2020 behind us (phew!), we can focus on the changes that will stay and how we should incorporate them: 1. Live-stream 2. More purpose 3. User-generated content 4. Sustainability 5. Inclusivity 6. Voice and visual searches 7. Easy-to-consume content.

If you are a Marketing Pro, we can be your “Passionate About Printing” and design partner! Email hello@newarktrade.com. We look forward to working with you!


Your Longhand Journal


Robin Kantor

As a longtime journal enthusiast, I enjoy chronicling my day’s events. Writing things down not only helps me to remember but can also be used to revisit special days, events or occasions, or simply keeping track of workouts or the details of any given day.

If you love saving those special moments, you might like a special journal to house them as well. Newark Trade can provide you with gorgeous journals. They can be customized as simply or elaborately as you like, from just your name/logo to much more creative options. We can use your favorite colors, preprinted interior sheets for your group to fill in the blanks, or any number of special effects; your journal is all about you. Reach out if you have any questions.

Why it Pays to Use Newark Trade as Your Designer


Our client had a dilemma: Even though McNeilly & Associates has a special niche as Medical Interior Designers, it was no longer feasible to visit hospitals and medical centers when the pandemic set in.

To replace in-person visits, they decided a brochure was necessary to describe their capabilities to potential clients. They searched online and found a company that would design a brochure to fit their needs. Upon receiving the final product however, they were disappointed. The colors were haphazard and there was no definite, cohesive look to the layout. It instead was a dated, generic template.

Resuming their search via a local business chatroom, recommendations were sought for a new designer since their money had not been well-spent the first time. Newark Trade was the recommendation they chose. They contacted us and we discussed what they were looking for in a brochure. Even though the cost would be greater than the online service previously used, they realized Newark Trade’s knowledgeable, talented, customer-oriented people understood their needs and what they hoped to accomplish with the piece.

Newark Trade was supplied with photos, floor plans, and wording — the exact same information given before. They let our team know what they hoped to achieve with the piece and what they were looking for (clean, modern, yet classic and easy to read). Our creative team suggested the use of the hospital logos for whom they had provided services. Newark Trade also recommended interactivity and animation in order to display information with the correct visual hierarchy while preventing over-crowding. We also color-corrected the submitted photos for maximum visual clarity.

We presented McNeilly & Associates a choice of layout designs, color palettes, and fonts. They easily chose what they were looking for, and we stayed true to the quote we gave them.

 The result: Newark Trade designed an interactive, animated e-pub (a digital brochure easily sent to the clients they couldn’t see in person). As an added bonus: when you hover over each of the logos of offices they had designed, additional information becomes visible, making it a more clean, sophisticated and responsive piece. https://indd.adobe.com/view/733a294a-26ee-49aa-b78d-1b8ed7d38143

 End result: McNeilly & Associates was invited to provide proposals for three high-profile projects with a potential client! The brochure got them in the door for the initial one-on-one meeting with key hospital project development personnel. Soon, more opportunities to come!

One additional need popped up: due to Covid 19 online protocols, many of their emails couldn’t get through some firewalls, so they now had another request: could Newark Trade reformat the digital brochure for printing? Printed pieces can often get through more easily than email. Our team reworked the piece, and the design is still clean and legible. We printed it along with custom note paper and envelopes.

Why it Pays: This brochure became our client’s most successful leave-behind sales tool. Newark Trade’s beautifully designed brochure demonstrates the focus of our client: what McNeilly & Associates can do for their clients.

Another happy Newark Trade client!

At Newark Trade, each client is paired with one account executive who will be there for complete customer support. Let us know how we can help your company show off its best face to prospects, even while wearing a mask!


Newark Trade Creates Two Calendars for the Museum of Printing


Bob Wislocky, President of Newark Trade, displays the MOP 2021 Calendar and MOP Perpetual Calendar created by his team.

The Newark Trade team designed and produced a 2021 calendar for the Museum of Printing which highlights photos of natural letterforms as found in the world around us. We also created an amazing perpetual calendar, a historian’s delight, highlighting printing throughout the ages, which can be used for many years to come by rearranging the calendar display panels.

Newark Trade is proud to deliver examples of our award-winning design and print work to the Museum of Printing. Both calendars are available at the Museum Store.

We encourage you to support and visit the MOP this year.
The museum is located at 15 Thornton Ave., Haverhill, MA 01832.
MOP’s website address is: museumofprinting.org

Bring back the personal touch with…Virtual Event Promo Boxes

Having your branded business package arrive in time for your virtual event adds the personal touch that everyone can appreciate.

Consider assembling a promo box with gifts geared toward the home-office environment. Customized notebooks, cozy socks, thermal cups, webcam covers, and ear buds all fit the bill.

Depending on the size of the group, you could include a personalized note or a letter to each team member that sets the stage for a focused meeting.

A Promo Box is designed and branded to leave a positive impression of your company. Depending on the theme and budget, it can be as simple or elaborate as you desire.

We will be at your side from initial concept to fulfillment to create the exceptional Promo Box your business deserves.

Give us a call or send an email. We look forward to creating a product that showcases your business appeal.

Call 973-674-3727


Remember Handshakes


By Robin Kantor

Dr. Anthony Fauci calls it “a major way [to] transmit a respiratory-borne illness.”  So…Is a handshake now dangerous or just hibernating?

With so many working from home, the outlook is murky. Eventually you’ll encounter others in real life and greetings will be exchanged. The elbow bump is awkward. A serene, hand-over-heart motion conveys honesty; both warm and humble at the same time. Alternatives are hands clasped at chest level or behind one’s lower back, combined with a nod. Recently mask-wearers were observed social-distancing with a namaste, which conveys connection and warmth toward the other.

In sports, the fist bump is common. Maybe it’s a step back to the ease of a handshake; a hint of touch and trust without actual finger contact.

Will these alternatives, like masks and bottles of hand sanitizer, become a part of the corporate landscape? Much depends on professionals returning to the office carrying over the casualness of remote work but seeing a handshake as old-fashioned.

The handshake could return, though maybe after an extended delay. If it doesn’t survive the coronavirus, something might be lost. A handshake involves touch, and brief moments of contact bring subtle psychological benefits. Touch lowers the heart rate and establishes bonding and trust. And really, anything is better than a wave through a Zoom screen.

Have you been replacing your handshake? Is it working? We’d love to hear your story. Email us at contactus@newarktrade.com.

Ref. Alex Williams, NYTimes, 8/20/20

FREE Custom Zoom backgrounds for your next video calls


Newark Trade would like to help you look your best when video chatting with friends, family, and coworkers. We know that at times it can be hard to find the best backdrop in your home to use.

However, if you’re using Zoom to video chat, it has a custom background feature that comes in handy if you have a messy room you want to hide or just want to have a different look.

Here’s how to use a customized virtual background:

  1. First, log in to your account on the Zoom website.
  2. Go to Settings in the menu on the left, then make sure you’re in the Meeting tab.
  3. Scroll down to make sure Virtual Background is toggled on (it’s on if the switch is blue).
  4. Next, head to the app and click on the gear icon in the top right corner to open your Settings over there.
  5. In the menu on the left, select Virtual Background.
  6. There you can select one of Zoom’s built-in background options or upload your own by clicking on the + Icon

Check out a few of our favorites below and download them for yourself by clicking on them and dragging them to your desktop— they’re all free!  If you would like us to create a custom design for your business, we can do that too, but there is a charge.