The Style Guide:
A Production Team’s Greatest Tool

By Lillian Mondaro

Not limited to a logo or a slogan, everything companies distribute to advertise to or inform their consumers has a one-of-a-kind aesthetic known as branding. Branding is what identifies them to their respective target audience, while separating them from competitors. Companies utilize production teams to help maintain that specific brand. When these production teams work on branding projects, they rely on a key document that instructs them on how to proceed. This is called the style guide. Continue reading “The Style Guide:
A Production Team’s Greatest Tool”

You CAN Go Home Again

By Joe Tallman

In 2010, I left Newark Trade Digital Graphics to pursue a career change. Now, 7 years later, I have returned. After my second day back, a close friend asked me, “Does it feel like you went back home?” I replied, “I have not thought about that, but it seems ok.” On my third day back, a longtime co-worker at lunch said to me, “This must seem very strange,” and I replied, “No, actually it seems ok.”

Continue reading “You CAN Go Home Again”