Using the 5th Color on the Ricoh C7110s for Creative Effects

By Gary D’Atrio

If you have ever wanted to wow your customers with printed material using metallic inks, shiny foil stamping, pearlized paper or solid color stock only to be frustrated with the high cost or lack of access to variable data, Newark Trade has the solution.

Our digital production printer, the Ricoh C7110s, has a fifth color station which can be used to apply a clear gloss spot varnish or opaque white toner to the printed piece. While the clear gloss adds an extra dimension to the print, it is the white toner that really opens the possibilities for many creative effects.

Metallic ink paper
White toner printed on the paper
4-color printing over the white toner

When using white toner on a metallic, shiny mylar or solid color paper, it lays down an opaque white that simulates paper while allowing the color of the stock to show the areas not touched by the toner. The white areas can then be printed over with 4-color process toner. The result is an impressive printed piece that looks like it was printed with metallic ink, foil-stamping or pearlized paper, but with the digital flexibility of doing short runs or using variable data. The white toner also makes it possible to digitally print clear window clings.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

The Pride of a Family Business

By Robin Kantor and Linda Casale

Bob Wislocky (right) with his father, John Wislocky (left) and his grandfather, Theodore Wislocky (center).

For eight decades, Newark Trade’s family-owned business has been the source of quality service, professionalism and respect. With that legacy comes a journey of a family with deep ties to each other, to their craft and most importantly their clients’ satisfaction.

Bob Wislocky is the company’s third generation owner/president. The chain of command began with his grandfather Theodore, then on to his father John and now to Bob. All three generations had one common goal: to excel at their craft.

Bob’s dedication to family carries over to his entire staff. The atmosphere at Newark Trade is always one of mutual respect by management and the entire team of professionals.

When children grow up in the business, they absorb the skills it takes to succeed. Bob began working in the family business as a boy. “As the owner’s grandson, then son, you really get to know the life that your parents lead. You know what it takes to make a living and take care of your family.”

As the decades passed, the industry continually changed. Always a visionary, Bob kept abreast of not just what was current but what was yet to come. That forward thinking allowed the company to succeed and thrive where many others succumbed to the ever-changing industry demands.

Bob’s philosophy is to remember that family members need to work twice as hard as the other employees, or they won’t earn their employees’ respect. Willingness to be a part of every project and to pitch in at any time is part of the seamless success of Newark Trade.