The Pride of a Family Business

By Robin Kantor and Linda Casale

Bob Wislocky (right) with his father, John Wislocky (left) and his grandfather, Theodore Wislocky (center).

For eight decades, Newark Trade’s family-owned business has been the source of quality service, professionalism and respect. With that legacy comes a journey of a family with deep ties to each other, to their craft and most importantly their clients’ satisfaction.

Bob Wislocky is the company’s third generation owner/president. The chain of command began with his grandfather Theodore, then on to his father John and now to Bob. All three generations had one common goal: to excel at their craft.

Bob’s dedication to family carries over to his entire staff. The atmosphere at Newark Trade is always one of mutual respect by management and the entire team of professionals.

When children grow up in the business, they absorb the skills it takes to succeed. Bob began working in the family business as a boy. “As the owner’s grandson, then son, you really get to know the life that your parents lead. You know what it takes to make a living and take care of your family.”

As the decades passed, the industry continually changed. Always a visionary, Bob kept abreast of not just what was current but what was yet to come. That forward thinking allowed the company to succeed and thrive where many others succumbed to the ever-changing industry demands.

Bob’s philosophy is to remember that family members need to work twice as hard as the other employees, or they won’t earn their employees’ respect. Willingness to be a part of every project and to pitch in at any time is part of the seamless success of Newark Trade.

Resolution Conflict or What’s a Pixel?

By John Ruffi

Ok so here’s the thing: yes, pixel is a unit of measure. Problem is, a lot of people tend to use “pixel” interchangeably with “point,” or worse, they disregard the pixel size of a “rasterized” image altogether.

What’s “rasterized,” you ask? Rasterized simply means an image “made out of pixels.” This pretty much always means an image, as opposed to type (words and sentences), or “vector” images. Yes a rasterized image can have type in it, but it won’t be type you can independently alter just by changing font size or adding or deleting a word. In a rasterized file, the type has basically become a picture of the word or words. Vector art is created using mathematics to describe its appearance, which your computer then interprets and displays, as opposed to raster images. As a result, vector art can be displayed or printed at any size without changing its quality or characteristics at all, as opposed to rasterized images. And herein lies the subject of this missive.

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Newark Trade Wins
Three Jersey Awards

By Robin Kantor

In attendance at the Jersey Awards Dinner from Newark Trade are Paul Carracino, Robert Wislocky, Robin Kantor, Patty Jurado and Gary D’Atrio.

Newark Trade Digital Graphics won three of the industry-coveted Jersey Awards for creative excellence of design in advertising on Wednesday, June 6 at The Grove in Cedar Grove. This year was the 50th Anniversary Event for the NJ Advertising Club and, in celebration of the “golden” milestone, was even more spectacular than in past years. The exhibit and awards featured almost 300 winners out of over 500 entries in seven categories, from print thru digital, radio and television.

Newark Trade took home three awards: two First Place and one Certificate of Excellence in Newsletter, Calendar and Book design categories.

Robin Kantor is in her second year as the Executive Vice President of the NJ Ad Club.

So…What’s Up with NTInvites?

Newark Trade is all about staying on top of our clients’ needs. Our latest step in that direction is our new online storefront for social printing items: There, at your convenience, you can look over the latest in invitations, from the comfort of your home (or office). For social occasions, like weddings and other parties, or business meetings and events, we can help you. At you can see many different looks, coloring combinations, lettering styles, paper and pricing, and order them securely and easily with a credit card.

Now Newark Trade is your one stop for business and social printing!


The Look, the Touch, of Paper!

By Robin Kantor

By now, the word has gotten out: Paper is here to stay.

At a time when email inboxes are overflowing and real mailboxes are not as full as they used to be, research has proven that the retention rate is better from information read from print on paper than from words on a digital screen.

Print on paper captures your interest with a tangible product, inspiring you to be more aware of the printed word.

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Paper Engineering: Bringing Dimension and Movement to Paper

By Patty Jurado

Paper engineering deals with the marriage of physical and life sciences in conjunction with mathematics as applied to the converting of raw materials into useful paper.

Converting a flat sheet of paper into a useful paper product or package is a challenge that I relish. From comps, point-of-purchase displays, direct mail, trade show items and promotional materials, it offers the opportunity to become an inventor. Rough working prototypes are created with each new construction going through many stages of refinement to improve the range of motion, smoothness and reliability.

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Six Reasons Why Print Media
is an Important Part of
Your Marketing Efforts

Reposted by Gary D’Atrio

I found this article to be the answer to the statement that print media is dead. The article covers many reasons why print is still vibrant, including tactile and digital interaction. It mentions QR Codes but there is also Clickable Paper and Augmented Reality, which can bring a page to life.

Check out this link:

Seeking Excellence in Typography (Part 1)

By Bob Wislocky

This illustration shows examples of wood type, metal moveable type and a font filmstrip for a Mergenthaler VIP phototypesetter.

Typography has always been one of my greatest passions. The use and display of countless type styles and their impact on every creative undertaking is fascinating. With that in mind, I would like to share the journey of how it all began and how it has led us to where we are today.

Typography is the art of creatively assembling type to make it aesthetically pleasing, proofreading to attain zero errors, critiquing and refining the type layout to ensure the reader will be pleased with the visual presentation and readability.

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