The Influence of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is here to stay

The three-dimensional interactivity simulation is continually evolving and increasingly becoming part of our lives.

The popularity of VR applications for mobile devices has really taken off over the past couple years. The price point for VR is becoming more and more accessible. VR hardware sales have skyrocketed in a short amount of time. Many major companies have increased spending on VR research for future hardware and software endeavors.

With VR’s popularity growing, Newark Trade opted to venture into this new realm and do something fun for our clients. In our yearly holiday package, we combined design and print, two of our core services, with VR technology to create our unique 2018 calendar. Using your mobile device and the cardboard glasses included, you can witness the VR experience by viewing our calendar which showcases vacation spots visited by our staff over the past year. There are even a few tasty popcorn treats included in the package for you to enjoy during your journey with us!

The package is a great example of how you can combine print and digital technology to create fun promotions or marketing campaigns that connect with your customers and encourage customer interaction.

If you would like to receive your own 2018 Newark Trade Calendar to experience the VR adventure, please email us at or call
973-674-3727. Popcorn treats are included!