Where Will My Photos Reside?

By Gary D’Atrio

I’m at a crossroads and need your help.

For 18 years, I have stored, cataloged, and nurtured my digital photographs using Apple’s iPhoto software. The software was seamless, intuitive, and affordable. Everything was working quite fine.

Then Apple threw me a curveball: with the release of the Sierra 10.12 Mac operating system, the iPhoto app was discontinued and the Photos app was introduced. The Photos app, when compared to iPhoto, landed short of my expectations. Although I was able to find workarounds in order to cling onto my iPhoto app for a few more OS upgrades, its demise is inevitable.

So, I sought out alternatives, starting with Adobe’s PhotoShop LightRoom (now simply called LightRoom). I started copying my current iPhoto Library into Lightroom and its subsequent upgrades. Then Adobe threw me a second curveball: Lightroom would become part of Adobe’s monthly subscription plan. I hate subscription plans!

I then discovered a company called ON1, which offers Photo RAW software. The software is similar to Lightroom but includes many editing features and filters like PhotoShop. However, ON1 is a small company and I am concerned that if I move my photo library yet again, ON1 may be short-lived and I will be back on the hunt a few years from now.

Therefore, I need your suggestions to decide where my photos will reside for the next several years. Please comment on our LinkedIn or Facebook page to relate your experiences with storing and tracking your own digital photo library.