Six Reasons Why Print Media
is an Important Part of
Your Marketing Efforts

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I found this article to be the answer to the statement that print media is dead. The article covers many reasons why print is still vibrant, including tactile and digital interaction. It mentions QR Codes but there is also Clickable Paper and Augmented Reality, which can bring a page to life.

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Seeking Excellence in Typography (Part 1)

By Bob Wislocky

This illustration shows examples of wood type, metal moveable type and a font filmstrip for a Mergenthaler VIP phototypesetter.

Typography has always been one of my greatest passions. The use and display of countless type styles and their impact on every creative undertaking is fascinating. With that in mind, I would like to share the journey of how it all began and how it has led us to where we are today.

Typography is the art of creatively assembling type to make it aesthetically pleasing, proofreading to attain zero errors, critiquing and refining the type layout to ensure the reader will be pleased with the visual presentation and readability.

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With the Spread of Smart Phones,
Digital Photography Comes into Focus

By Paul Carracino

Not too long ago, a camera was not something carried around in your pocket at any given minute. It was only taken out for birthday parties, holidays, or family vacations.

Remember when after you shot a roll of film, you had to take it down to the local drugstore or camera shop to get it developed and printed?  Fifteen dollars and a week later, you would get an envelope full of prints. If you weren’t a professional, you never really knew what you were going to get. Some might be out of focus, some were over exposed, some under exposed, some just blank. Focus and exposure controls on most point and shoot film cameras was marginal at best.

But that was then, this is now!
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Digital Photography Comes into Focus”

The Style Guide:
A Production Team’s Greatest Tool

By Lillian Mondaro

Not limited to a logo or a slogan, everything companies distribute to advertise to or inform their consumers has a one-of-a-kind aesthetic known as branding. Branding is what identifies them to their respective target audience, while separating them from competitors. Companies utilize production teams to help maintain that specific brand. When these production teams work on branding projects, they rely on a key document that instructs them on how to proceed. This is called the style guide. Continue reading “The Style Guide:
A Production Team’s Greatest Tool”

You CAN Go Home Again

By Joe Tallman

In 2010, I left Newark Trade Digital Graphics to pursue a career change. Now, 7 years later, I have returned. After my second day back, a close friend asked me, “Does it feel like you went back home?” I replied, “I have not thought about that, but it seems ok.” On my third day back, a longtime co-worker at lunch said to me, “This must seem very strange,” and I replied, “No, actually it seems ok.”

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Case Study #1:
The Advocate Newsletter

By Patty Jurado and Robin Kantor

Nicole Plath of NJ Land Title Association at the 2016 NJ Ad Club Jersey Awards ceremony.

Client problem: The client wanted to connect with her audience, build advertising sponsorships and grow circulation. Previous editions were uninspiring and difficult to read. The client was looking for a new and innovative layout; an overhaul of their newsletter. Continue reading “Case Study #1:
The Advocate Newsletter”

The Influence of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is here to stay

The three-dimensional interactivity simulation is continually evolving and increasingly becoming part of our lives.

The popularity of VR applications for mobile devices has really taken off over the past couple years. The price point for VR is becoming more and more accessible. VR hardware sales have skyrocketed in a short amount of time. Many major companies have increased spending on VR research for future hardware and software endeavors. Continue reading “The Influence of Virtual Reality”